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Team BlackSheep

  • Aerum Polar P 5G8

    Dual polarized transmitter antenna that sends out LHCP and RHCP signals at the same time! Perfect for challenging race conditions where linear receiver antennas are present. Paired with the Aerum...

  • Aerum Polar S 5G8

    Unipolar ultralight VTx antenna for miniquads and racing drones. Can be mounted using the included right angle aluminum bracket or using 3D printed mounts available for download. Patented PCB...

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  • Aerum Polar X 5G8

    Cross polarized (dual polarized) MIMO receiver antenna for diversity goggle modules. Can be mounted to goggle modules and will work like two linear antennas orientated in the perfect orientation -...

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  • Glass ND Filter - ND8

    The lens is cut using industrial strength lasers. The result is a clean and extremely sharp finish absent of "Micro-scratches". (The tiny spots on your window.) Our lens is produced...

  • Rotorx Colibri RACE - TBS POWERCUBE FC

    Rotorx Colibri RACE - TBS POWERCUBE FC

    STM32F303 based chipset for ultimate performance PPM, SBUS, DSM, DSMX input (5V and 3.3V provided over internal BUS) 6 PWM ESC output channels (autoconnect, internal BUS) Choose between plug &...

  • TBS 5G8 PATCH (5DBI) Tean Black Sheep RP-SMA

    TBS 5G8 PATCH (5DBI) Tean Black Sheep RP-SMA

    TBS is a new player in the 5.8 GHz game. Taking the typical TBS approach, we look at the shortcomings of the current offerings and try to find niches for innovation. The TBS 5.8 GHz Patch antenna is...



    The world's most reliable, powerful and precisely switching ESC just got a major overhaul and re-design. With raceing driving the technology forward, TBS was dead set on setting a new milestone in...

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  • TBS BulletProof 25A DHOT600

    TBS BulletProof 25A DHOT600

    NEW! DSHOT600 capable! 2-5S capable, 6S at your own risk (6S tested with additional capacitor) Dshot600/300/150, 32kHz (MultiShot) capable, OneShot capable, PWM capable 25A continuous (35A china...