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3DR Solo Drones and Parts

  • 3D Robotics PP11A 3DR Solo Propeller Set - Black (Black)

    3D Robotics Propellers for Solo Drones: Buy this set of replacement propellers before you need them so you can get back to flying as soon as you damage or lose a propeller. The 1-piece design of these propellers keeps them secure during flight,...

  • 3DR - Solo Gimbal - Black

    3D Robotics Gimbal for Solo Drones: This stabilizing, 3-axis gimbal for the 3DR Solo drone gives you unprecedented remote control over your compatible GoPro action camera (sold separately). Rotate and tilt the camera, start and stop recording, take...

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  • 3DR - Solo Smart Rechargeable Battery - Black

    3DR - Solo Smart Rechargeable Battery - Black

    3D Robotics Battery for Solo Drones: Instead of waiting for your lone battery to recharge, get back to flying right away with this rechargeable battery for Solo drones. The battery can power your drone for up to 25 minutes with no camera attached, or 20...

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  • 3DR - Solo Drone - Black Aircraft Only

    3D Robotics Solo Drone: Using the Solo's smart flying features, you don't have to be on the sidelines to capture memories — you can be a part of them, too. Choose from a variety of autopilot modes, from premapped flight paths, to orbit,...